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SONY DSCIt seems  to me, like people are becoming more and more obsessed with living off the grid. Their several reality shows about people living somewhere in the woods and depend on nature for survival. It seems like this kind of lifestyle is gaining popularity, the number of shows in this area are increasing by the day.

To some people it may sound like a romantic notion, going back to basics. Living like we were meant to inherently live. Hunting and gathering, fishing and making fire from rocks. No electricity, no running water, no bills, just you and nature.

I have never been interested in this kind of lifestyle. It just seems so difficult for no reason. I appreciate comforts like beds, hot showers and a roof over my head. Being an African their a lot of creature comforts that I try not to take for granted, being that I have seen the real face of poverty.

Their is however one aspect of modern day life and to be specific life in America that I definitely would be willing to trade for life off the grid, the particular aspect is food.

Pre-packed, pre-cooked, pre-made food in particular. It’s upsetting how good, organic natural food, grown without pesticides and grown with no hormones should be so expensive. Logically you would think since it growing naturally with limited intervention then automatically it should be affordable. But that is not the case, shopping for food in the grocery store feels like an activity you need to go to a class for. With the increment of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and staggering numbers of obesity and especially childhood obesity, you would think that being equipped with this knowledge should make ‘good ol fashioned’ food readily and easily available and more importantly affordable.

But that is not the case, people prefer genetically modified foods so that they can have seedless fruit, people prefer steroid induced chicken because of our insatiable need for larger and larger portions, people prefer vegetables doused with pesticides because then seasonal fruits and vegetables are available to us year round. And sometimes we just eat this foods due to lack of knowledge and lack of financial capacity for better.

So I would like to go off grid in terms of what I put in my body, I would like to have a goat I can milk, a garden I can plant my fresh fruit and vegetables, and chicken I can keep for meat and manure. Just so I can keep me and my family healthy….hee their is probably something to this ‘life off the grid notion…..