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I have always wanted to do a blog on alcoholism, I just havent been sure on the angle. As a Kenyan our youth and many members of our community are plagued by alcoholism. Every family has at least one member battling alcoholism and some do not even realize that the amount of alcohol they intake could be a problem for them.

I wasn’t sure about the angle until last week, when a lady had put up a post on social media asking for advise and help on how to deal with her alcoholic brother, one of the people who responded said that she works with people with mental disorders and now realizes that their is a connection between mental disorders and drug abuse.

This has given me a new perspective on my view on alcoholism, the real culprit for a lot of addicts could be some kind of mental disorder, but because first its so difficult to get help with any mental disorders, its so difficult to have them diagonized and the discrimination aganist mental illness, people would prefer to self medicate and cover up the problem with alcohol and drugs.

After the suicide of actor Robin Williams who battled with depression, we need to realize and accept that mental disorder does not discriminate, we need to accept its a true and genuine problem and disease, that needs attention just like ebola or any other disease that plagues people.