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Most of my parents generation and all older generations came from large families. I remember talking to friends, relatives about family structures. And for most people my parents age and grand parents age they would always count the number of kids in their family and point out that two or three of them had died maybe at child birth or when they were older. It was always said ‘matter-of-fact-ly‘ and wasn’t a sad subject discussing the lose of children or siblings.

In my culture, when people were laying on their death bed, and had no hope of recovering or getting better, they would be dumped in the forest for the wild animals to feast on.

Twins were considered a bad omen and if you gave birth to them, one would be killed.

We even see it in movies, during medieval times, when people committed a crime they would be sentenced to death and would be beheaded in front of a group of people including children.

How is it that these people were capable of going through all this and not have any mental or psychological effects.

Even when we look at our lives today, if you consider the relationship between most of us and our parents, and us and our children, it has changed tremendously. We are more attached to our kids, we are more involved in their lives and the same between our parents and ourselves and our parents and our grand parents the change exists. Its like with every generation the gap between parents and kids is getting smaller.

So with this realization, I am left to wonder are we becoming weaker as human beings or are we just more knowledgeable. Why are mental disorders, depression, suicide, addictions on the rise.

Is it that we realize that we are humans and therefore should act different from animals. Do we now realize that children are capable of way more than we thought previously and they therefore thrive when treated as almost equals? Is it the upbringing or evolution? Nature Vs nurture

I don’t have the answer, I am just wondering out loud, are becoming weaker?