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With Hilary Clinton being one of the would be candidates for next year’s elections, it has become common ground to hear how a woman is not ‘presidential material’ even though a lot of countries have women presidents.

What is most surprising or rather it’s not really surprising, but more sad is the fact the people who seem to say this the loudest is other women. The reason I say it’s not surprising, is because as a woman I know and have lived the life where we as women do not support each other, we smile in each others faces while we stab each other in the back.

Why is it we are not happy for each other, why are women each others worst enemies. Is it in our DNA? Is it a cultural thing? Which I don’t think it is because different women from different cultures and different parts of the world act the same way. Was it created by men as way of keeping us from succeeding – divide and concur, or did it happen when Eve took a bite of the apple?

I don’t know, but with age and maturity I have come to love and count on other women. I have heard it time and time again, some women saying, I prefer to have male friends, or I prefer a male boss, or I prefer a male doctor.
Why would you prefer the advice and companionship of men, when you don’t really know what they are about. I know I have heard it countless of times men telling us or warning us against another male. Using that age old line ‘his a guy’ like this should explain his behavior or when a lady claims another man is only her friend and all other men respond by saying ‘his a guy.’

I have never understood what that statement means ‘HIS A GUY‘ but to men it explains a lot, because they know how they think and operate as men. We as females will never completely understand men, but we can understand and support each other.

I always said that I wouldn’t want to have a woman boss, but now I prefer working with women, and especially mothers, they understand my challenges better. I always said that I preferred a male gynecologist, but now I know it’s so much easier to talk to a female doctor, she has lived it and not only read books about it. I once thought that I preferred the company of men, but now I know I wouldn’t trade all the ladies in my life for anything.

Ladies, let’s all love, respect and support each other. Only we alone know each other’s battles and struggles. And only we alone can lift each other up.