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This is very interesting and thought provoking.

After watching this I realize a lot of the things I thought I imagined or a lot of things I try to correct are actually meant to be.

Good example, when I was pregnant whenever my husband would touch my belly, my daughter would get extra active, she wouldst do this for me or for another other person, I thought I was imagining it, but from the video above, you see the baby in the womb responded more to the dad than to the mum. I guess because they have mum all day so she’s taken for granted? I don’t know all I know is its been proven to be true. Babies in the womb respond more to their father.

Another example, whenever I am talking to my daughter, I find myself always trying to make my language less complex, and using words I know that she will easily understand, and sometimes I find myself correcting my husband because he doesn’t adjust his language, I find myself saying things lie, ‘she doesn’t know what that is, tell her this instead’. But in the video they say that they have found that dad’s talk to kids like grown ups with more vocabulary and complex words, which is good for their linguistic development. I was surprised because its not something I necessarily concentrate on but after watching this I realize that its so true.

Biology of a Dad, has taught me and has taught a lot of people too, that while we have always thought of the role of of a father in a particular way, its now been proved wrong. Men are natures, too. Their hormones are altered by pregnancy and childbirth too. And the only proof I need to know that, is the look on my husbands face the day my daughter was born. To me the whole birthing process felt surreal, like I was in a dream but the one thing that has always remained stuck in my memory, was the look on his face the first time she cried. He was over come with emotion and joy.