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In my culture male circumcision is a big deal, we even have a name for uncircumcised male ‘kehii’ which is a very rude, condescending word, meaning you are not considered a man, and therefore cannot lead or speak in the presence of other men. Men have been circumcised for generations and there is so much pressure on men from different cultures to get circumcised, bot for health and social reasons, that they are now doing it as grown men.

We have heard of so many health benefits for doing it, and also religious and social reasons. It so deeply ingrained in us/ in me that I have never doubted if I had a son he would be circumcised, the only question is when, immediately after birth or later.

So it was very surprising to me when I heard of several countries in Europe that are trying to ban circumcision. The laws surrounding circumcision in most European are so strict so as to discourage parents from doing it.

In California they are also trying to ban it. Which leads to the question, will male circumcision eventually end?

At one point female circumcision was valued in my culture and several other cultures, but now we know better, Female Genital Mutilation has damaging and permanent effects. Probably a case can be made for male circumcision too.

I know in Europe and Asia majority of the boys are not circumcised and they don’t have more health issues than those countries where majority are circumcised. Could this practice eventually cease.

Food for thought…