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It seems like every time you turn around, there is a new parenting style. Parenting has become so complex with philosophies and styles and an endless supply of advice. In my personal opinion a lot of people take something that is so natural and over complicate it.

At the end of the day, everyone judges other peoples kids, everyone has an opinion on what other fellow parents are doing wrong and areas they can improve on, and we really judge people’s characters by how their children behave and how they treat their kids in our presence.

That being said, in a world where babies addicted to drugs are born everyday, in a world where mothers are selling their babies for drugs, in a world where parents are leaving their kids to be baby sat by strangers, drunks and moving in random men after one date. In a world where people are killing kids everyday.

In this world of so much cruelty and evil. I say kudos to all parents who are parenting. Regardless of you style, philosophy or beliefs. As long as you are taking care of your kids and providing for them the best way you know how, then you are alright with me. And if you mess up they can get the rest of the help in therapy when they grow up.