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I have always wondered how a country that has made so many strides in affirmative action and women empowerment has such terrible laws when it comes to maternity leave. I have seen pregnant women push themselves up to the last minute so they can keep working, and after having babies  they are back to work after 6 weeks, when they are barely healed.

How come having a baby is like a punishment, where are the activists, feminist?? How come the maternity leave structure is not structured in a way where mothers can heal and attach and take care of their babies? how come most people are not paid during their maternity leave, so that while they are at home bills keep piling and they are forced to push themselves and go back work. And even after you go back to work its so expensive to get childcare for your child that you are basically working to just pay it. How come women are not put on light duty when they are pregnant, you will find them working in positions where they have to stand for long periods of time, we see them all the time, serving us, selling, stacking boxes.

Having being pregnant in this country I am very surprised by the lack of respect for pregnancy, you will never have someone offer you a seat, or let you go ahead in the line, or offer to help you carry groceries.

Somebody please help me understand, why for a developed country is the US lurking so far behind in this aspect.