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Sesame street is just about the only kids show I enjoy and will watch with my daughter, we even listen to songs from the show in the car and sing along as we drive. Its so amazing to me how all the lessons cut across all cultures (because they are all different looking and different colors), and age groups.

But what I enjoy most about the show, is how many things I re-learn from it. Sesame street has a lot of lesson for children, but as adults I think it has so many lessons we can re-learn.

We learn how to love ourselves, regardless of how we look their is only one you, with all your unique features that make you, you.

We learn how to not give up, even if we are not good at something we need to learn how to be patient and to keep trying.

We learn ‘the power of yet’ something we want might not have happened the way we want but it just hasn’t happened ‘yet’.

It nice to remind ourselves some of these things, we get busy with life and grown up stuff that we forget the little things that count.