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growing up sucksLooking at my toddler exploring, playing, fighting, living life I always find it fascinating to say the least, to see her outlook of life. I often find myself wondering what if ‘us as grown ups acted like kids act, with no limitations or boundaries. Being brutally honest and having no known shame. Being innocent and self centered just like toddlers are. If we as grown up acted like kids:-

Our houses would be a mess and everything would be MINE

We would have ice cream and candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner and fight all day with everyone around us

We would be extremely jealous, we wouldn’t let our boyfriends/husbands talk to anyone else without us letting them know, ‘that’s my someone’

We would walk around naked, or with our skirts over our heads and take out wedgies by putting our hand underneath our dress.

We would fart and go to the bathroom whenever and wherever we felt the urge

So basically growing up is learning how to hide and control our urges, needs and wants. Growing up means learning how to pretend and act like everything is fine and act polite and smile with strangers.

Growing up basically means acting and we as parent’s job is to create the best actors we can, the better actor your child becomes the more proud we are of them.

Maybe if we lived like kids life would be more enjoyable, we would have less limits on our selves and believe all is possible. We would be honest with people around us and they would appreciate the honesty and criticism, we would be more willing to learn and experience new things.

Growing up sucks! Happy New Year my fellow grown up…