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JobcationRemember when vacation meant, sleeping in, cocktails, love making and club – hopping? Those were truly the days, when the only limitation was perhaps money or time. Yes, the good old days.

When you have a baby, a vacation is more of a job, hence why I refer to it as a job-cation.

What does vacation now mean?

It means, dreading the drive or flight, packing toys, books, snacks ensuring phones are fully charged and questioning if you have enough.

It means packing ‘favorite snacks’ and perhaps a cooler full of a variety of food, because you never know what this little people will decide to eat.

It means messed up schedules leading to whining and tantrums.

It means bed sharing, with a small selfish person who you probably are not used to sleeping with, which in turn leads to body soreness.

It means making excuses for your child, who might not be on their best behavior due to the messed up schedule and fatigue.

It means chasing your little one around because everything is new, and they want to explore and touch and play with all of it.

It also means joy and laughter from seeing the expression on their face when you show them new things, when they experience new stuff and those small moments of joy and happiness make the whole vacation worth it. Creating memories that will last a lifetime.