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skinny jeans

We are all used to women compromising themselves and being overly sexual in order to sell records. It has become the norm to see women on music videos crawling on fours, gyrating and shaking their booty on TV for the purpose of selling records or become popular.

It breaks my heart what young girls are exposed to, that they are lead to believe you need to be some type of sexual object to be popular, it is also sad that we have become so used to seeing all this sexualization that we have even forgotten what things should be done in private and what parts of the body should remain private. Young men are also out there looking for a ‘whore,stripper,booty shaker”  because these are the attributes that are glorified in music nowadays.

But for me what is even more disturbing, than all of this, are this skinny jeans young, up and 

pink jeanscoming hip hop artist are wearing. I was watching the BET hip hop artist awards, and I was literally cringing for the whole 20mins I was able to tolerate them.

Not only are this jeans an eye sore, but the fact that the underwear seems to be even bigger than the pants is just disgraceful. And it seems to me, as if you need to buy a size smaller for them to be fashionable.

And then there is this other trend of men wearing skirts, I don’t know why it has caught on, but it really needs to stop. Men are becoming too feminine for my taste,I don’t know if its being metro sexual or confusion. All I know is that I am very grateful I don’t have a teenage son right now, I would seriously get physically sick if I saw him dressed like this. Please men stop subjecting us to this images, stick to your masculinity, you don’t have any physical attributes that are flattered by skinny jean. PLEASE LEAVE THOSE FOR LADIES, CELEBRITIES ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT.

men skirt