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Don’t you just love stories of people who become over night sensations, people you didn’t know yesterday and in one day they are a household name.

These stories of over night sensations, over night millionaires are the stories we live for, mainly because we want to wish and hope that life can actually be that easy.

I feel like the media and celebrities have tried to imply, that life can be that easy, that this is the way its supposed to happen, like for example how a celebrity will have children and have a flat tummy and no cellulite and no stretch marks and perky boobs, and you know what they say when they are interviewed about how they stay looking so good.

”Am just lucky, I get to eat anything I want and don’t gain any weight, I don’t need to work out.” Really?? Like Beyonce says in her song – ”I woke up like this, flawless”

Well anyway, I think the greatest inspiration comes from actors like Morgan Freeman, who did not get his major break until he was 50 Years old. Can you imagine that, he tried to become an actor for so many years, he is the first person to say that it wasn’t easy, it was disheartening, frustrating,disappointing but he kept at it.

And look at him now, he is truly a testament that it is never too late to achieve anything. I believe the harder and longer you work toward something, the more fulfilling it is in the end.

To quote him ”if it happens right away, it will stop right away, weather that is short fore told will soon pass, long fore told, long last.

I hope this inspires and encourages somebody today, this principle is not only about careers, but anything we long for in our lives, be it love, health, new skills. Its never too late..