Halloween 2Its here again, time for pumpkins, scarecrows, ghosts, skulls, horror movies and basically what it feels like to me just evil. Around this time when Halloween is just around the corner, it feels like to me I should cover my babies eyes all the time.

We are bombarded by this ”evilness” because it everywhere you go, you cant make a trip to the store without seeing skulls, and flying ghosts at the entrance, you cant watch TV without seeing scary movies being advertised, you cant drive through neighborhoods without seeing skulls and RIP grave stone decorations in the yard. For me all this is a tad bit creepy, maybe if I had grown up here then this period would be surrounded by fond memories of my childhood, maybe if it was something I was exposed to when I was younger and before I became a mum I would probably have been more open minded about it, but now having my daughter surrounded by it all, I feel like its too much especially for such a young innocent mind.

Maybe its because its so commercialized, just like everything else, that even if you would like to enjoy some aspects of it, its difficult to do so because of all the other images surrounding you. I like the dressing up aspect, but not zombie,vampire, ghost dressing up, but dressing up could be fun, I like the trick or treating aspect of it, walking around and getting free candy, what can beat that? I just wish the evilness could be toned down just a little bit.

But I don’t think this will happen, people have become consumed lately by zombies and vampires, the most popular TV shows and movies are those with zombies in them. And the more advanced technology is getting, the more real looking this ghosts and zombies are looking. Halloween

I would like to consider myself to be open minded and none judgmental but exposure to all this things makes me wonder if I am uptight, BUT in my defense I would prefer to not be bombarded by it, I just wish the commercialization wasn’t as much, I just wish I didn’t have to answer all the awkward questions my daughter keeps asking me.