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Everyday I appreciate more and more the versatility of our hair. I remember a few years back having a bad hair day and I was saying to people, why cant we go back to the 70’s when people just grew out afro’s and didn’t have to worry about spending all this time and money at the hair dressers?

Well now it seems my prayers were answered and now we are rocking our natural locks. The day I had my last relaxer will forever be imprinted in my mind. For some reason my scalp was extra sensitive, I remember instantly feeling itchy as the relaxer was being applied on my hair. This was strange for me because I never burn when am getting a relaxer, I never feel itchy when the chemical is on my head and only get it washed off because its time to get it washed off. But this time was different, I started complaining about the burning sensation and the hair dresser had to rush through putting the relaxer on the whole head. By the time he was done applying it, I was running over to the sink for him to rinse it out. For some weird reason no matter how much water he used to rinse it out I was still hurting, he shampooed it several times and rinse it out with cold water, which was the only temperature I could with stand,  but still nothing I was still burning. He called over a few other hairdressers who attempted several things to help relief the pain. The pain reduced some what but I had to suffer through going into the dryer to have the hair set. I was so sure I was going to walk out of the salon with no hair on my head. After this experience I was sure this was a sign to go natural. Thank God I had this option.

Hair JourneySince then I have come a long way in my product and hair needs knowledge.  When I started transitioning I was using the same products I would use on my relaxed hair. Thanks to friends, social media and youtube now I know better and even make my own products. I have also become a real product hoarder which means natural is not really cheaper. I still have a lot to learn and my transition process is still on going.  Am not yet completely natural and I chose not to cut all my hair because I just want to take my time in learning my hair and I need it to be a length I am comfortable dealing with.

Anyway I run into this video, while I was trying to look for some hairstyles and thought it would be insightful for all.

I hope she never forgets, natural is beautiful

I hope she never forgets, natural is beautiful