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For a long time I have considered home schooling to be reserved for tree hugging, hippy kind of parents or helicopter parents who smoother their children with attention and don’t want them out of their sight.

However, on the news last night was another shooting in a school, this was in a town a few minutes away from where I live. A kid came with a gun and shot another student in school. This news of shootings and killings in schools has become so common that we are now numb to all of it.

Sandy hook elementary school was the incident that made me actually consider home schooling as an option for the first time, maybe because I was a mother or maybe because the kids who were killed were only babies but this tragedy was the most heart breaking thing to watch on the TV.



On the other hand I believe the benefits of going to school are tremendous, kids learn a lot of life skills that they require at school and at the same time I don’t believe I would have the knowledge nor the patience to home school.

Therefore I continue to have this debate in my mind.