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Candy MachineI hate this machine. I never noticed this machines until I got a toddler, I never realized how they are strategically placed at ever entrance to every mall, every store, almost all restaurants and exactly at the same height as kids.

My little one is still young enough where she doesn’t really know how they work and what is in them, she is just drawn to them right now by all the colors and the fact that she thinks they are balls. Every time she touches one and tries to get something out, I tell her, ohh no I think its broken.

But I have seen older kids throw tantrums around this machines, I have seen them ask their parents for money to put in the machines, I have seen them refuse to leave the store until they can get some of that candy staring at them through that glass.

Is this where marketing has reached, targeting the most fragile and clueless of society. Making what is already such a great challenge, parenting, even more complex, making shopping and chores close to impossible without some form of bribery.

The extent to which marketing has gone is borderline stalking, when I found out I was pregnant, a week later I was getting coupons for baby stores in the mail, when a close  friend of mine got in some trouble with the law, the next day in the mail he got letters from lawyers offering their services.

At the hospital after having my baby I left with a box of formula and all sorts of baby products, and when you Google a certain product the next thing you know on your social media page is adverts of the very product you were looking at.

I get that with all the advancement of technology and products, competition is cut throat. But it has  left us completely fragile and exposed. Is it possible to be able to have private life with all the exposure to technology. Is this the cost we have to pay for making our lives easier and simpler by having all our information tied together somewhere in the internet? The smaller the world is getting with access of the world wide web, the more vulnerable it leaves us.