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In this day and age when we are so aware of pedophiles, peeping tom’s and child pornography, I often find myself wondering what is appropriate in terms of dressing and undressing kids in public. What is too much and where do we draw the line between innocence and exhibitionism.

We are all aware of this creepy crawling perverts, walking around preying and plotting against kids, we cannot understand the minds of this sick people so we don’t know what would turn them on, we don’t know how young is too young for them or even if there is such a thing as too young, and worst of all this people don’t have a label on their foreheads, we picture a crazy looking perv creeping around play grounds but unfortunately this people are not as identifier-able as that.

On the news last night, this high school event photographer was arrested. He used to take photos of sports events at the school, in his spare time he would approach girls and have them pose for him in very sexy photos. When the police ransacked his house, they found that he had photos of child pornography of kids as young as 3 years old, I have no idea what kind of pornography a 3 year old would consist of, but he had it.

This leads me to wonder, how do we protect our children when technology is moving at such a rapid pace, when social media is so accessible and this pervs can send this images all over the globe with just one push of a button.

My husband and I have on many occasions had this argument, I love taking naked photos of our baby, I love taking photos of her in the shower and she is such a nudist who likes walking around the house with no clothes, so I like taking photos of her and sending them to her aunties and grandma to show them their little nudist niece. Off course her nudity is completely innocent since shes only 2.5yrs old, and it amazes me how comfortable she is when shes naked because she is just that innocent that she doesn’t realize that she is naked.

So how safe are this images I send across the internet, how safe are the photos on my phone, how safe are our children?

I have no answers to this questions, just sharing my fears and insecurities that I know many parents out there also have.