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imageWith the news buzzing about Ray Rice, it would be difficult not to look at the issue of domestic violence. I, like everybody, was completely outraged to see the video that surfaced of Ray Rice “knocking the lights out” of his then fiancee. My jaw dropped when I actually saw this massive sized man actually punch his fiancée and she dropped on the floor unconscious, they were in an elevator… I don’t know what’s with people fighting in elevators- (Jay Z and Solange). Anyway Ray Rice knocked out his fiancée and then proceeded to dragging her out of the elevator like a sack of potatoes, and dumped her outside the elevator with her feet still inside the elevator and her dress rising up to expose her body. We see a security guard running up to them and it’s said that Ray Rice said his wife was drank.

This is so wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to start, ok first of all, how does a man, a football player who actually makes a living because of his large mass and is paid to stay big and strong, actually punch a woman? His lawyer claimed they were both fighting and she spit in his face, but him as a man and a football player should be aware of his size and his own strength, he could have restrained her but to actually punch her was totally uncalled for, secondly after he hit her and she passed out, why wasn’t he surprised? why wasn’t she scared? She could have easily gotten a concussion, she could have broken something, or was he so used to doing it that it didn’t phase him? And why if he honestly and truly cared for her, loved her, why didn’t he at least pick her up and carry her out instead of dragging her out.

What is even more upsetting, is the fact that this lady still married him, we don’t know what happened between them after the incident and all we are judging them on as a couple is this one video. But it brings to the fore front what domestic violence really means. And what finally broke my heart was seeing his now wife sitting next to her husband in a press conference and apologizing for the role she played in that incident.

its so heart breaking, maybe because I have a daughter or just being a woman. But domestic violence is real… I am not here to judge, or educate just raise awareness, concern and support for victims of domestic violence