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power of words

When I was in college I remember we had a motivational speaker come to school to talk to us about our future and careers, I really don’t remember the details of his speech but there was one analogy he gave us about the effects of words. It went like this;

A young couple got married and they were advised by their dad to hammer a nail into a plank of wood he gave them every time they had a fight and something hurtful was said. For every hurtful word that was said a nail was hammered into the wood. After a year of marriage he told them to pull the nails out of the wood. What was left after the nails were taken out? asked the father, just holes answered the couple.
Well the nails are the hurtful words and the holes are the effects of the words, this teaches us that the effects of hurtful words are permanent, even after taking out the nail which in this case would be apologizing, once the damage is done its permanent.

I remember this lesson so clearly because it made so much sense. How many of us remember any mean words that have been spoken to us? and how many of us remember all the kind words and praise that has been spoken to us?
Words build, words heal, one simple word can make you smile, words inspire, and words create
Words break, words hurt, one simple word can make you cry, words diminish, and words destroy
Speak words of positivity to yourself and to your children, choose to build and not destroy, choose to make smile and not cry, choose to inspire

Choose your words wisely for the effects last lifetime