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This was my little Miss Diva at the beach. It’s so funny how as parents we spend so much time and money planning something that our little people can just dismiss and not like in an instant.

They have no consideration for the time, effort, money it takes to plan it all, all they know is what they like and what they don’t like, and for my little diva she didn’t like the beach.

She loves to swim and loves water, and we were sure that she would absolutely be blown away by the ocean, with is endless amount of water. I started prepping her for our 2 hour drive to the beach by getting her dressed in some light clothes. I did not want to put her swim suit on because I did not want to indicate to her we were going somewhere where we would be swimming, I didn’t want to get her too excited because it was a long drive and I wanted her to sleep during the drive.

So I wore my swim suit in hiding and put away the sunscreen and beach bag where she couldn’t see it. She knows the bag and the sunscreen very well, since this summer she has been accustomed to getting ready for swimming.

Anytime she knows we are going swimming she runs up and down the house, shouting SWIMMING SWIMMING, and she will go and ask her dad, ‘’dada swimming’’ and he will respond yes and she will run across to where I am and ask me ‘mama swimming’’ just kind of confirming that it is really happening and making you say it over and over again so that you don’t go back on your word.

So finally after our 2 hour drive we were at the beach, it took us over 30mins to just find parking. When we finally got to the parking I could finally say the words I had been holding back the whole time, ‘’we are going swimming baby,’’ she looked at me all ecstatic and repeated the words ‘’swimming’’ and I said yes and changed her into her swimming clothes in the car.

We got all our beach stuff together and walked to the beach, she was excited at first to see the water, and she started to rush toward it only to step onto the sand, and that was when the experience started to go downhill, she didn’t like the texture of the sand and how it got inside her shoes. So she asked me to pick her up, then the wind, did I mention she had a hat on that she was obsessed with and would cry anytime it had to come off, including when she had to get her swim suit on, so the wind was nonstop blowing her hat, and she had to have her hand over it the whole time.

Then we finally went toward the water, she started to like it, she wanted to like it, but every time the wave came by it would push her, and when the water left it would pull the sand below her feet and make her feel like she was going to fall. She tried playing in it for a little bit, but in the end she just wanted out, the combination of the sand, the waves and the wind was too much for her. So she said she wanted to sit down, which she did. It didn’t help when it was time to leave, trying to pick up our stuff and pack it away the sand was flying all over and it got into her eyes. When we got out of that beach, she turned around and said ‘’bye water’’ like in a sense she was like ‘thank God am out of here’

And that was our experience at the beach, I think we will stick to swimming pools for now, maybe next summer will try again and she might like it.

No consideration at all for all the effort, time, and money it took to plan…