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body mod AfricanBeing an African living in the states, it always amazes me to see things we consider ‘’uncivilised’’ happening in what is considered a civilized society.

Body Mod A2When the white man came to Africa it is said he came with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other. All our practices were considered uncouth and even evil, our Gods were no longer supposed to be prayed to and they said we spoke in tongues that sounded like those of possessed people so we were to abandon our languages.

My grandmother had hanging ear lobes, they would get a small hole pierced in their ears and they would keep put a larger and larger stick in the piercing till it was big enough to hang. This was considered beauty then, off course with our new found ”civilization,” this was one of the practices that went away. So it is extremely amazing to me to see people doing this to their ears today.

I don’t know the history of body modification today, but all I know it’s not a current Body Mod Nowpractice. Africans and other different cultures have been practicing body modification since time in memorial.

The definition of beauty is ever changing, I don’t think any of the extreme modification’s people are doing today are beautiful (I even had a very hard time looking for photos because most of them are totally gross to me) but am sure someone somewhere does, and that is why it is catching on with a large majority. Moral of the story is, we should not be so ready to dismiss and judge what we don’t understand, because in the end, isn’t the definition of a fool  – He Who Thinks He Knows. And a wiseman is He Who Knows That He Doesn’t Know, Knows.”