I just saw on social media 18 reasons why Kenya should be on your bucket list, and while I agree with most of them, I felt that a few things and places were over looked and so I decided to make a list from my personal experience. Of course there the obvious places like Maasai mara and national parks but I feel I should add a few.

rice fieldMwea rice – get some rice straight from the farm, and it’s really cool to also see how rice is planted and grows



malindi beachMalindi – a lot of people visit the large town of Mombasamalindi furniture when they go to the coastal region of Kenya, but Malindi is a must see, from gorgeous beaches, to the most beautiful furniture you will ever see. Malindi is a small quiet town, very intimate and romantic (thats where I got engaged) so ladies if you want him to put a ring on it, visit Malinndi *wink,wink* its also a good place for a family get away since there is not much activity in the town.

fourteen fallsFourteen Falls – this magestic waterfalls make for a great get away. Its always amazing to see nature In its raw form.



Tea plantationTea plantations – visit Limuru and Kericho to see tea farms, the hills filled with green tea plants are a beautiful landscape



swahili dishesCoastal area – Swahili dishes – Swahili people are known for cooking one dish all day, when you taste their food you will be conviced of that. Its truly delicious and soul kind of food, that has its influences from the different people who settled in the area.


Nyama chomaNyama Choma and Tumbukiza – Nyama choma – is a grilled meat delicacy and one of Kenyans most staple treats, add some Kachumabri (almost like salsa) to it and Ugali or some potatoes (drool) and you are bound to be hooked (dont be surprised if the person cutting your nyama choma takes a bite of it, its culturally believed the cook has to taste it first to prove no posioning was done). Tumbukiza –  is goat or beef, thrown in a pot with onions, tomatoes, potatoes, some hot peppers and cooked on low heat for some time. The meat melts in your mouth and the soup is a guranteed hang over cure.

Lake BogoriaLake Bogoria (boil egg) – this natural hot water springs, are not only beautiful and amazing but what’s even more amazing is the flamingos in the lake, its surprising they can exist in such harsh conditions



ostrich farmOstrich Park – see an ostrich, touch an ostrich, ride an ostrich, eat an ostrich….can all be done at the ostrich park, and the lean red ostrich meat is really delicious



NanyukiNanyuki – wake up to the view of Mt Kenya





bamburi trailBamburi trail – you get to see all sorts of animals in the park while going for a nice walk in the bamburi trail in Mombasa. You get to even feed giraffes..




mt suswaClimbing Mt Suswa – one of the Mt’s that are not regularly mentioned or visited. Hike the mountain of 3 craters and the view mt suswa 2is awesome





hells gateHells gate – for rock climbing and hiking fanatics and adrenaline junkies this is the place to be, this gorgeous park is filled with rocks you can climb and hike along





lake TurkanaLake Turkana – this is an untouched piece of beauty, it’s the largest alkaline lake and the permanent desert lake in the world. The water of the lake supports a variety of life.



white water raftingWhite water rafting on Lake Tana which I haven’t had a chance to do, but I have always wanted to.