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Now that my LO is a toddler, it’s always so much fun hanging out with her. I love watching her little brain hard at work, and it’s so amazing how fast her vocabulary is growing, it will always fascinate me how well she repeats words I say. But what I love more than anything else is the memories of childhood that come back to me when I am with her. Viewing life with her and from her perspective always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.toddler

It reminds me of staring at clouds until they form a shape and start looking like someone or something,

It reminds me of picking ladybugs and butterflies and putting them in a jar

It reminds me of playing in the rain, stepping on water puddles and splashing water all over

It reminds me of messy fingers filled with dirt from exploring

It reminds me of building houses from cushions in the living room when we could not play outside

It reminds me of innocence when you believe anything, and everything is possible

It reminds we need to stop and smell the roses, I don’t know when it happens but we get to a point when we stop appreciating the little things.

We recently were going for a walk together and we spotted an earthworm, AN EARTHWORM!!! Do you realize when i last saw an earthworm…..it had been ages and when I was younger I would see them all the time. Did they stop existing, No! I just stop looking.

If there is one thing that babies bring back to us, its life, they remind us just how precious and wonderful it can be, all we have to do it be willing and open ourselves up to it.kids exploring

Life can get hectic and busy, with all the responsiblities, but we need to learn from our little people. There is always time to stop and take a deep breath and appreciate both the little things, and the big things too. We get so caught up chasing the things we want that we don’t realize all the things that we have.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush

Food for thought..