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dad booty shortsIts summer and you know what that means……booty shorts. Walking around you would be remiss to think you’re in a rappers music video. It’s HOT!! and we need to stay cool, which means less clothes. However, do we sometimes take it too far?

Being from Kenya, I know how, too much skin is seen as scandalous. Stories of scandalously clad women, who have been attacked by groups of displeased people and even stripped naked have been known to happen. The group will usually claim that ‘if she wants to walk around naked, then she might as well take everything off.’’ People have also claimed that if a woman was raped, that it must have been due to the way she was dressed. This off course is absurd and no excuse for committing a crime. Women here in the US dress in even less and you will not hear of the rape and crime rate being higher.

This leaves me to question, are booty shorts too much. Their recently was a story on social media, where a father had worn booty shorts to teach his daughter a lesson. He wore booty shorts and went all over in them with his daughter to prove to her how ridiculous girls looked in them and also to discourage her from wearing them.

In traditional African communities, people barely wore any clothes. Women had their breasts hanging out and would probably have some beads or a small hide covering the front of their private parts. Men then had no issue with it, there was no rape going on and even perhaps because everything was exposed perversion was less.

After colonization people started dressing like the ‘white-man’ because we were told that it was immoral to be exposed. However due to the climate in the west, the white man needed to be dressed while in Africa the climate was warm and not extreme and hence clothing wasn’t necessary.

So we started wearing clothes and now since so much is hidden and private if we get a glimpse of a little more than is the norm, people get excited. Mystery makes people curious, it makes people excitable and it has led to belief of it being immoral.

So how much is too much?? Where do we draw the line?? And what is age appropriate? This is an argument I have a lot of times with my husband, he was even the one who showed me the story of the dad in booty shorts, because we have had this argument many times. I think women and men’s perspective on this is very different.

As women we believe we have the right of expression, we believe men should have self control and be responsible for their thoughts, men on the other hand believe if a women dresses in a certain way she is attracting the wrong kind of attention, she is saying a lot with her attire even before she opens her mouth, people won’t care about her brain if they have judged her on her physical appearance.

I think both views are valid, and we need to raise our little girls knowing the difference between self expressions and also attracting the wrong attention. I have nothing against booty shorts but in my opinion if you have more booty, you might want to save everyone from the discomfort of seeing you crack….. Happy weekend ya’ll…