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A week ago, I was reading an article about how to exercise without actually exercising, am sure a lot of people out there feel the same way too. Their so many articles, programs, diets designed around that. How to loose weight and be healthy without actually giving up our favourite treats and without getting off the couch.

Well after I did my search I found a few ideas, but one statement I read stuck in my head. The statement read, ”the greatest excuse people have not eating well or exercising is that they don’t have the time.” This is true for me because I really have no time to go to the gym. Between going to work, doing online classes, having a toddler in the house, being a wife, I have no extra time. To top it all are house chores which include daily cooking, cleaning, washing the baby and feeding her and prepping all her stuff for daycare and off course laundry and keeping the house looking decent. I actually believe I have no time. However, something about that statement struck me, the usual excuse, and key word here being excuse.

My husband has also told me on several occasions that if I really wanted to exercise, I would be able to and I would respond to him with the ‘excuse’ of I have no time.

Well I decided to dissect my day and time and figure out if I really have no time or was it just an excuse as the author of the article had claimed.

I get off work at 4.30 and am usually at home by 4.50pm. I put away laundry and prepare a smoothie for all of us as a snack (which I recently started doing in an effort to getting healthier and they love the smoothies) I try do as much as possible before LO gets home because once she does I like spending some time with her without chores interrupting. LO gets home at around 5.15pm with her dad.

working-out-quotes2So here is a thought, if I got ready for the gym at work, and left work at 4.30 and went straight to the gym for 30 mins and ask my husband to pick LO a little later so that they get home at 5.40, I would have sufficient time to get home and get a few things done before they got there

So I have now started going to the gym twice a week, I have also found a way of squeezing a little work out while am at work, I go out for a 20min walk everyday at 10am. And as mentioned above I have started making smoothies which I combine a large variety of fruit, especially fruit that is good for you but doesn’t really taste good. I am also trying to eat junk food less. We are good about cooking food, which we do just about every night, my issue usually is lunch which I end up eating out a lot.

Did I mention I am also transitioning, meaning am growing out my relaxed hair so that I can eventually have natural hair and yes I now do my own hair, I also make my own conditioner sometimes. It’s amazing how much time we have if we really want to.

All this is in an effort for a better, healthier and more natural me and more importantly a great lesson for my LO to learn how to be healthy, and my husband as well. As you know as women I think we are the pillar that gets our families healthier and happier and besides we need to because, lets face it, we are the ones that get stuck taking care of them if they get sick.

I will post a recipe of my smoothies and also I would like to blog about my transition journey soon.

I hope this can motivate someone to find time to be healthier…